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Pilates for Men

Pilates can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. Unfortunately, many people think of Pilates as being more for Women than it is for Men. Pilates does benefit Men just as it does Women. In fact what people might not know is that Pilates was not only created by a Man, Joseph Pilates but originally intended for an exercise program for Men. Pilates is by far the most preferred form of exercise for a number of reasons. It develops greater core strength, better lean body mass, increases flexibility, improves posture, manages chronic back pain and relieves stress. The benefits of Pilates in general to Men are plenty as Pilates helps create better body awareness.

In general, Men who exercise regularly are strong but their muscles are extremely tense and Pilates is a great form of exercise as it strengthens muscles while increasing flexibility. It is especially good for Sportsmen and is practiced by Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Andy Murray & Jason Kidd. Join me at Half Penny Health Club where there is a Pilates class for Golfers of all ages.

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